Morse Code This Batman!

17.06.23 03:01 AM By Dustin Feldman

So now what?

So ya want to code. Where to begin you might ask. From the beginning I'd say. There are several sites out there to help you learn the code. But why code? There are hundreds of phone applications, software, YouTube videos to choose from. All have their pros and cons. A quick google search will soon reveal something that meets your needs.

An elmer of mine once told me to not learn the letter, number or prosign, but to hear the sounds. Listem to the sound and understand the rhythm they make. She went on to suggest I learn the code at 5 Words Per Minute (WPM), and at the Farnsworth speed of 20 WPM, with a tone of 726Hz. So far it is working.

One site folks use is The Ham Whisperer. In general he covers all the letters and numbers. His code is slow and inconsistant as WPM goes. However, this is a good start to become familiar with the code. Another site is AA9PW. With his site you can adjust the speed and copy complex text. You may also want to visit Ray Burlingame-Goff (sk) G4FON and download his version 10 of his Koch CW Trainer. tow of our Scouting friends Blake and hiscdad Matt sent me a link All About the Telegraph & Morse Code Text. This site provides a detailed look at CW from it beginnings. They are using this site as a tool to help the Scout Troop with their "'Signs, Signals and Codes' Merit Badge." Finally, the ARRL has a code course you can purchase, as well as down load code practice files, and on-the-air daily code practice.

One more item of interest the Straight Key Century Club has is full of information for those interested in the art of morse code.

For now I'll leave it at that for you to explore. Have fun with the code!!

73 de w5qs Dave

Dustin Feldman